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HELLO EVERYONE! It's been quite a week. Tiring, happy, and busy but loving it STILL.
Well, how does time go so fast? Can you guys believe there's three days until CHRISTMAS? It's still hotter than ever and raining like crazy over here in the Philippines.

5 second rundown of the week: Tuesday morning, left on the roro in the morning around 10, got to main land (Legazpi) around 7 PM, the next day we had Christmas Conference, that afternoon went to BULAN (another 4 hours), got there at 9, slept, attended family history training with other mission leaders, then visited the members there, Thursday afternoon went back to Legazpi (3 hours to the pier), waited for the roro until 11 pm, and rode the roro until we got to Masbate (while it stormed so we got here around 5 am on Friday) Then, we worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

SO needless to say, it's been one extremely great week this week. Let me explain further....

--SO we have traveled the whole mission this week (not a joke).
--I GOT TO GO BACK TO MY FIRST AREA, BULAN!!!!! (not a joke) All the STL's and Zone Leaders in the South Side of our mission got to go for a special Family History Training. Let's just say dream come true. I thought I would never get to go back because American Sisters are now forbidden over there because of what happened when I got emergency transferred way back when.
--Our super progressing investigator family CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!! (not a joke guys)
--FOUR (4!!!!!!) of our super inactive families that we have been working with came to church this week!!!!!! THEIR WHOLE FAMILIES!!!!!! (not a joke either day ever)
--Our Zone performance at the mission Christmas party won first place. (wait this one is the joke because ours was the worst. we tried to put the cup song to "joy to the world" which totally worked....but the Elders just couldn't get it HAHAHA)
--We made Zone Training this transfer with a theme of "amazing race" Yeah our Zone is blessed to have awesome Leaders.(not a joke) It was so fun.
It's been a good week! Although our time was limited with our work in our area, we have seen some pretty awesome miracles happen.
This is such a special time of the year! I just love Christmas time. I am grateful to be here in the Philippines yet again to experience another Christmas with these humble people. They have taught me some incredible things. I have learned here, while celebrating with them, it's really not about how much money you can spend on decorations, on clothes, on big meals or presents, but Christmas is about being with those you love, and giving thanks to our Father in Heaven for everything He has given us.
This year at Christmas Conference (which was awesome by the way, it was the whole mission so like super happy!!!) we were all asked to prepare to speak on two topics, either "Christ's Gift to Missionaries" or "A Missionaries Gift to Christ." So these topics really got me thinking. So to start, I made a list of the gifts that Christ has given to me, as a missionary. So I'll just type out the list right here for you all, in hopes that you can see some of the gifts Christ has given to you all as well...
>>LOVE. A chance to feel of His love for me. A chance to feel of His love for others. And a chance to share it.
>>A chance to share His gospel, His hope, with others.
>>The chance to try my best to represent Him.
>>The special chance I have on my mission to become more like Him, to learn of Him and draw closer to Him.
>>His Atonement, for me.
>>He doesn't just make up our shortcomings, He makes up ALL the difference. He paid for it all.
>>His grace, because I have learned out here on my mission that it IS sufficient. I know that it's true in Jacob 4:7, "The Lord God showeth us our weakness that we may know that it is by his grace , and his great condescensions unto the children of men, that we have power to do these things." I am grateful for His strength that He has given me to do His work. (S/O to Elder Moncur for the good scripture)
>>The power He has given me to change, to become a better person everyday.
>> I think the greatest gift of all that He has given me is the chance to serve Him. The chance to serve a full time mission and to come closer to Him. To be able to look people in the eyes and tell them just how loved they are of their Savior. To see the gospel working through others. To convert myself to His great gospel.
I really could go on and on with my list of gifts Christ has given me, as a missionary, but I will stop there for now. I challenge you all to make a list of gifts that Christ has given you this Christmas season. He is the reason of the season. He is our Savior and He loves us so much.
This Christmas time is a time for us to turn outwards, just as our Savior did and as He continues to do with us each and every day. It's a time to serve others and a time to discover the true gift of Christmas, which is Him.

Have you guys ever heard of the scripture John 3:16?? Hahaha...

For God so loved the world , that he gave his only begotten Son , that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
I love you all. I am grateful for this short, and freakishly fast time I have had to serve a mission. This Christmas marks my two month left mark and I plan on making it the best two months of my entire mission. This Christmas time is time for all of us to rededicate ourselves to obedience to our Heavenly Father's commandments so that we may fulfill His promise of eternal life.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas spending it with those you love doing good for others. I know I will!
Sister Reategui

#missionpic. who made front row? yeah that's me.
on the roro going to christmas con. masaya aka happy because our whole zone is like bffs and we all got to travel together on the 5 hour roro.

From Elder Moncur: Sister Reategui told me the other day that she had never had a Reeses before because she used to dislike peanut butter, which wasnt ok with me cause Reeses are like my favorite, so earlier I made her eat her first Reeses, and she admitted it was delicious haha!

Elders Moncur and Haymond

Elders Moncur and Nielson

batch pic...
my trainer, me, my trainee, and her trainee! hahaha
#bestofthebest #derzzzz

the perez family in bulan!
look at the mans arm on me....HAHAHA
wahooo for bulan!

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