Sunday, December 7, 2014


Mga minamahal kong kapatid!!!!!!!!! I am alive and have survived typhoon #3 of my mission. Just call me survivor.

Well first of all, I want to thank you all for your prayers and concerns for us over here in the Philippines. I love you all and I felt of your comfort.

Well all is well over here. The typhoon came here to Masbate on Saturday and stayed until earlier in the afternoon. It was strong for a few days but didn't do much damage. We evacuated to the chapel on Friday and we were able to leave earlier and went back home. We surprisingly have electricity and water and everything so we are #feelingblessed. Hahaha. But it sure has been one crazy week! Here are some of the high lights:

>>Saturday night we started a huge game of "Big Booty" with a bunch of people. Hahaha have any of you ever played that game?? Oh man try playing with a bunch of Filipinos. It was SO fun and we were just laughing so hard. Just look at the pictures, there were so many of us and it was so great. And for the record, I totally won as Big Booty. Aka I was the one that got to put lipstick on everyone's faces when they got out. Hahaha I love the Philippines because whenever someone gets out in a game, you get like lipstick or charcoal on your face. So be expecting me to also do that when I get home in all our Family Home Evening games. Family, watch out. Hahaha Also for the record, I did get lots of lipstick on my face before I was big booty. (see pictures attached)

>>We had Special Sacrament on Sunday afternoon in the middle of the typhoon. Well of course we were inside in the chapel but the typhoon was going on outside. Haha it was crazy and there were SO many people there. Members, less actives, nonmembers there evacuating, oh it was the greatest. The chapel was filled with people and you could feel of their trust in the Lord through such a scary thing. PS: we were all dressed in the same clothes we wore the entire week, shorts and t-shirts, but that didn't even matter because we got to partake of the Sacrament and that was the important part. We all listened to the testimonies of the Branch Presidencies and District Presidencies. One totally took the spotlight and announced that the typhoon had hit a city about an hour away from us, Cataingan, and we were all going to be okay in Masbate City. OH MAN you could just feel the tension in the room just leave. It must have been such a huge burden taken off of those people that heard that news! The typhoon was expected to hit Masbate City really hard but it just kind of went through us and left a little scared, but nothing too bad. So it was a fun sacrament meeting and a lot of our less actives and a few investigators were able to attend because they had evacuated as well to the chapel.

>>Our stay at the chapel....hahaha it was fun. It was fun to be surrounded by members and these sweet people. It was fun because we were blessed with many opportunities to serve and help others, in simple ways or bigger ways.

>>S/O to Sister Erickson...we saw a man that was cleaning the front of the chapel by himself in the rain so we went out to help him....and then it started POURING RAIN. Then we went back inside and found out it was still a signal 3 typhoon. 

Things that I've learned this week:
>The importance of not stressing out in moments that you don't fully have control over. 
>Just loving the moment. So cliche to say but guys it's true. Enjoy every second of this great life that our Heavenly Father has given us!
>And not only enjoy, but be happy at the same time! Life is good.
>How great the Filipino people are and how much I love them. (guys I already knew this one but still.)
>SERVE. You can serve others in so many different ways.
>LOVE. Love for my Heavenly Father and love for His children.
>LOVE & SERVE. Those things should always go hand in hand.
>The importance of heeding to the council of others that know better than you do.
>Luke 1:37 - "For with God, nothing shall be impossible."
>Lean on Him. Trust in Him. Love HIM! Because He loves us.

There's so much more I wish I could share, but know that I am safe. I love you all and I love this gospel. 

Sister Reategui

playing games during the bagyo!!!!
sister erickson aka like one of my favorite sisters ever
our filipino siblings
the lyfe sleeping in the bishops office for 3 days

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