Friday, December 5, 2014


Hello to all! You may all be wondering what is happening since I am emailing on a Saturday, not Monday. We were given permission to email right now since there is a SUPER TYPHOON about to hit Masbate. We don't know much, but we know that it is predicted to be really strong. We have even received direction from our Mission President and evacuated to the church building. They called yesterday at 4:30 and said we needed to pack up all our stuff worth 7 days and head to the chapel and be there at 6. Hahaha so needless to say, it's been a pretty hectic week. The winds are already getting strong and water is expected to be up to our shoulders over here in Masbate. We are one of the three spots where the typhoon will really hit really hard, so we are just praying and praying to keep safe. It is predicted to be even stronger than Tacloban because we are close to the ocean, and from what I understand, when the typhoon goes from island to island, in the ocean it gets stronger and stronger until it hits landfall. So, we will see how things go. Please keep the people of Masbate in your prayers.

Other than that, the beginning of the week was super awesome. Melfa, our recent convert, worked with us and we taught like ALL of her neighbors. Actually, she taught them, and we testified to the things she shared. Hahaha she was the one to start the lessons, to share scriptures, and to commit the people to pray and had them say the closing prayer! Basically a pro missionary already. Hahaha we were able to teach 13 lessons that day and she gave us 10 referrals! So it was a good day to say the least. 

I love missionary work. I love the Philippines. I love that I've been able to experience so many crazy things out here. I love the humbleness of these people I've been called to serve. I love this gospel that I've been blessed to share. This will now be the third  strong typhoon that I will experience out here in the mission and I know I also have a lot to learn this time around. I love these people. Life is good even though it's slightly hectic at the moment running around making sure all our members and investigators are okay. Please keep them in your prayers. We are incredibly close to the ocean out here and a lot are starting to freak out. The other typhoons I've experiences haven't been like this because all the people usually don't freak out because they are used to it...but looks like this one will be strong. But it's okay because we will all be okay! We have a loving Heavenly Father looking out for us out here in Masbate :)

I love you all. Thanks for your support and love. I feel it all the way out here in this crazy island. 

Sister Reategui
Guys whoops my bad the name of the typhoon is actually RUBY.....hopefully she doesn't get too mad at me about that one......but I hope you all know that I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! stay safe and I'll do the same. I'll update you all next week if the internet is alive still. 

They keep telling me here since me and one other foreigner sister are like the only ones that can swim....that we will save all the other members and people when the church floods.....because we are really close to the ocean. There's probably like over 300 people in the church and expected to double if not triple by tonight. Haha so just pray for my muscles to go to the super woman level. Hahaha LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

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