Sunday, June 1, 2014


HELLO TO YOU ALL. I am here writing my email to you now!!! So like I said, this week we had a crazy week. On Wednesday we were in Legazpi for the new trainers and trainees training. Then Thursday we had zone conference most of the day with President, and then on Friday we went to Legazpi to get fingerprints done for my visa. It was a crazy week but we were still able to get some good work in and we had a baptism too!!!!

So Saturday was the baptism of John Christian and Janissa. Lets back up to the day before when we went to their house planning for the baptism....John Christian asked if he could perform a Michael Jackson song at his baptism..hahaha we laughed so hard. We told him just to save that for us after the baptism at our family home evening. Well in short, the baptism was really good. My favorite part of baptisms as a missionary is hearing their testimony after. Well before the baptism, John Christian came up to me and said "Sister Reategui I won't cry in my testimony because I'm not gay" HAHAHA well he stood up there to bear his testimony and in his first 4 words..."I am so happy..." he just started bawling. Okay there was not a dry eye in the whole room. He bore the strongest and most POWERFUL testimony of the Book of Mormon I have ever heard. He said with the most surety I've ever heard "I asked Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon is true and I know it is true because He told me it is His words." OKAY I was bawling so hard as his strong testimony has really strengthened mine too. Who would have expected this little crazy boy that is 10 years old to be so spiritually strong? He is such a great example to me. As he closed his testimony, he said without a doubt in his mind "I know God lives because I can feel His love for me every day." The simplicity and pure POWER was something I will never ever forget. His sister also bore her testimony and it was strong and POWERFUL too. I could really write like 5 more pages just about my special experiences with them but I will save that for my journal. Oh how grateful I am for my opportunity to see them grow so much in the gospel and to see how their testimonies have really truly strengthened mine.

The rest of the week was good, we were able to set a lot of baptismal goal dates with our other investigators. It's been a challenge because all of our investigators are so great and have gotten we are constantly working on finding more and helping the progression of those we have.

Well, sorry this email is so short but the work was limited this week. But just know that I am having the time of my life out here in the Philippines. I have learned so much and have grown so much as a person and as the Lord's missionary. A few years ago I would have never seen myself here on a mission, but luckily the Lord had a greater plan for me. One day I decided to go on a mission and now I am here, really changed forever. There is no where I would rather be right now in my life and I know I am here because this is where the Lord needs me right now. And I need to be here too :)

I hope all is well wherever in the world you all are,
mahal ko kayo!!!!
Sister Reategui

for an explanation of some of the pictures....
--at our conference Elder Nielsen was the one giving the shots!!! woohoo Peoria reunion!
--I got to see all my friends from the MTC YAY
--some pictures from the baptism too....

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