Sunday, January 26, 2014


HELLO TO EVERYONE! It is me again and seriously every week I can never believe it's P-day again. I've noticed the days and weeks and months are just flying by like crazy. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we are super busy every second of the day and I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT. Being a missionary is just super great.

Okay it has been another amazing week. I will never get over how great the opportunity is to see these people really changing their lives. The Spirit is so amazing and that is what I want to focus this email on: how I have seen the Spirit really working in these people's lives. First off let me start with our investigators Zenaida and Joel. This is the couple we found while tracting. The only ones to let us in that whole night. Let me just say they are GOLDEN. I seriously love them so so much!!! This week we had another family home evening there for Sister Zenaida's birthday on Monday. We felt so so blessed because we had so much support from the Branch!!! The Branch President came with his family and the first counselor, along with the Relief Society Presidency and other members. Such an amazing blessing to have all of them there! Our Branch President, President Gutlay, even volunteered to give the lesson, and he taught about the importance of the Book of Mormon. It was super powerful and the Spirit was strong. After the lesson, we asked Zenaida and Joel if they had any "closing remarks." Sister Zenaida said she had something she wanted to say. She started with telling the story of the first day we met her. Her face lit up as she said "They came to my door and all they said was 'Hello po we are excited to meet you!' and I looked at them and they were actually happy and excited to meet me so I let them in!" Hahaha as she was saying that the smiles on Sister Fausto and I's face were as big as could be. She went on to tell about how much she appreciates the kindness us and our church has shown to her and her husband. It was a happy moment for sure :) Successful family home evening. Later on that week we taught them again The Gospel of Jesus Christ, about faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. With a focus on baptism of course and we extended baptism to them! We were so nervous because we knew Sister Zenaida really felt it but we weren't sure about her husband. Sometimes he's a little bit hesitant. But we really felt the Spirit so strongly. As I was talking somehow all of these Tagalog words are coming out of my mouth and I don't even know how. The Spirit is amazing. And it was really working through both Joel and Zenaida as well. We extended baptism to them and it went really well. Zenaida just looked at Joel as if to get his approval because she knew her answer already. Then, all the sudden they both opened up a lot. Joel said that he knew that the Book of Mormon is true and all of the teachings inside are true as well. WOW. If you only knew him you would know how amazing it was to hear him say that. Then Zenaida told us about how a while ago she was searching for the truth. She attended a bunch of different churches and she didn't really feel right about any of them so she gave up. She said she had been longing for the truth ever since. Then, the best words came out of her mouth. She said "I think you Sisters are an answer to all my questions" OKAY SO GOLDEN. She gets it!!!!!!! She went on to say that the moment since she came to church she has felt the difference about our church. She said she really felt welcome and felt like she was important when she attended our church. AHH how grateful I am for our awesome Branch and the fellowship they have shown her and Joel. They even came to church yesterday. Don't worry everyone, I will attach a picture :) They even came in their Sunday best. AHHHHH THE MISSIONARY LIFE IS SO GOOD. The Spirit is powerful and it really changes people. How lucky I am to witness just this!!!

Sige I don't have much time but that was really the highlight for this week. Our little Branch here in San Vicente is progressing SO MUCH. The amazing leaders and members are really doing everything they can to hasten the work. Since I've been here the attendance has been increasing and increasing every week. This last week we had the attendance of 181 people in Sacrament meeting!!!! Like you don't know how HUGE that is for these people. In Sacrament meeting this week we also had a few of our investigators, our mga fishermen or mangingisda sa Tagalog. They are experiencing a change of heart as well!! One was a former investigator but never was progressing so we dropped him. Well this week as we were teaching some of his friends, he just came in and listened and even volunteered to read some scriptures and participated in the lesson we were teaching!!! He is around 26, a smoker and drinker and just lives a rough life and he really had a change of heart. Usually he runs away from us but this week he was the one finding us! Anyways, he came to church and after we taught him again. He told us he wants to be like the men in the nice white shirts and ties. YES. Talk about change of heart. THE SPIRIT IS AMAZING!!!

Well everyone I could go on and on about the many stories I wish I could share but my time remaining is short. But I want you all to know that this gospel is SO true. The Spirit is SO powerful. It changes lives. It's changed mine and I now have the opportunity to help it change others. How amazing it is to be a missionary and see just how much it can change others. What a great blessing!!! This gospel is true. I wouldn't be here preachin' it every day if I didn't 200% believe it. I DO. It changes lives. No matter who you are I know that the hope this gospel brings us is TRUE hope that we can't find anywhere else. 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Thank you for your love and support you show me!!!!!!! Hope all is well with you all wherever you are :)
Mahal kita,
--Sister Reategui

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