Sunday, January 12, 2014


HELLO TO ALL MY FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!! It has been quite a week that I am excited to share with you. So I had mentioned that I got sick last week. Well this week it came back and I was pretty bad. I kept throwing up and couldn't eat any food. We tried to work but I was throwing up so we couldn't. I ended up having to go to the hospital to really find out what was wrong because I had a really bad fever for 10 days straight. Ask me if I was deathly afraid of going to the hospital here haha because YES I was. Pero it was okay and I am alive to tell you about it so I am counting my blessings :) There they didn't really tell me anything and couldn't figure out what was wrong with me so I guess they thought the good solution would be to just give me every medicine they could think of for every symptom I have or could possibly have haha so that's what they did and I went home with 8 different kinds of medicines. I specifically asked for non-drowsy so I could work well this week and when we got home I look at all of them that I had just taken and they said DROWSY on the back haha awesome. Well when we got home from the hospital it was only 4 pm and so I decided that I would eat some food and if I could keep it down for once, we would go out and work. So I ate and gave it 30 minutes and I kept it down so we went out to work! I was kind of depressed because we hadn't been able to work much the day before because I was sick so I needed to go out and work. I was just praying really hard that I would feel okay enough to work and teach because we had a lot of appointments. And obviously this work is important to The Lord because we were able to work all the way until 9:30 when we came home. And even though I was so tired because I took like 8 different drowsy medicines...somehow I didn't fall asleep! The whole day really was a miracle and I am counting my blessings :)

Sige so because I was sick we missed out on some work. I was so sad and just praying that for the next few days we could teach like crazy and I could have the strength to continue to get feeling better. My prayers were answered! We saw so many miracles this week it's crazy. So from Thursday to Saturday we were able to find 6 new investigators. That is a miracle in itself. We found all the investigators while we were TRACTING. Yes real missionary life. I had never tracted until last week. It makes me feel like a real missionary haha. So, since Thursday was the first full day of real work without me being sick we were super busy. We taught 9 lessons and it was only 7:30 pm. We still had a solid 2 hours to work but no more set appointments so we went out and tracted! We went and "tao po'd" every door on this one street. "TAO PO" is what we yell when we are outside of someone's house. We don't knock here haha it's like yelling "people!" and then they come outside. So we had tried every single house on this street and were approaching the last one. Guys real life it was like on movies when they try every house and the last one lets them in. It really happened in real life to me. Hahaha the last house let us in!!!! It may have felt like my birthday or something. She let us in and was so nice! She got us some Filipino oreos and even turned off her TV and just sat there and listened to us. We got to know her and then started teaching her. She was super receptive so we taught her the whole first lesson! After we asked her if she had any questions and she asked "Can you teach me about my life before this next?" Hahaha and we were just smiling so big and said "That is EXACTLY what we are planning to teach you next!" She was so nice and after her husband came and we got talking to them and planned a family home evening for tonight in their home! So it's super exciting. The next day we had 5 new investigators! One of them was a referral from a sister that works with us a lot, and the others were found while we were tracting as well. The people are so receptive here so tracting is super fun. We taught them all the first lesson and set return appointments! So yes despite me being super sick, it was a really REALLY good week. 

Sige what else should I include? I will update you all on Jerome. Let me start off by saying this little boy is CRAZY. We ran into him this week when we were walking home. Let me expand on what I mean by "ran into him." We were walking home in the pouring rain and all the sudden I see this person running towards me screaming my name in a scary voice and then tackling me to the ground. Ask me if I was screaming for my life....hahaha I literally thought someone was trying to kidnap me. Hahaha when I realized it was JEROME we were laughing so hard. He just looked at me and said "gotcha" hahahahaha so funny. So we started talking with him and found out he was busy begging for money all day for medicine for his brother. He hadn't even eaten all day because he had saved all his money all day for his brother. He had made 8 pesos the whole day. It takes 50 pesos to make a whole American dollar so basically he had made around 16 cents. SO SAD. So we found out what kind of medicine his brother needed and bought it for him. He told us not to worry, that he was going back to his home because when he had the medicine he was allowed to go back to his house. Well we watched him go home and he still went back to the fish port. We went and talked to him and found out that even though he's been saying he is with his dad, he is still sleeping on the beach. Since that night we haven't seen him. So keep him in your prayers! He is a fighter so we have faith that he will be okay :) 

Here is a funny story for the week...So we taught our recent convert Jorel this week. He is 9. In his village this week some Jehovah's Witness missionaries have been visiting them and having like preaching nights where they speak to anyone willing to listen. He said he didn't go there because he didn't want to be burned. Hahaha but he was standing outside listening. He said they kept telling him that they had revelations from God and he said, "When I heard they have revelations from God I asked them if they knew Thomas S. Monson, because he is the real person that gets real revelations from God. They said they didn't know who he was." Hahahahaahahahahaha we were laughing so hard!!!!! Oh how I love that boy :)

Well everyone it has been a week. A crazy one but a busy and good one. But one thing I know is true: the power of prayer is real. One thing I have learned here that as we are not so focused on ourselves, but those around us, that is when we really see miracles. That is when we can see real blessings from our Heavenly Father. The gospel is true. The Book of Mormon is true and contains real power that we NEED. We need this gospel in our lives. We can't survive this life alone. We need our Heavenly Father. We need faith in the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Because it makes all the hard things in life okay. There is a purpose to everything. Always remember that.

I love you all!!!!! Thank you for the love and support you show me. I am constantly overwhelmed with your love.

Mahal kita,
Sister Reategui

attached is a picture of me and Sister Fausto, me with the Nares family, and another one with all my medicines after I went to the hospital. Haha

Also, here is a link to my Skydrive where I usually upload my pics every week! :) 


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