Sunday, September 21, 2014

WEEK 56: The Mayon is angry.

Hello hello hello!!!!!! It's been another week and I am yet again emailing you all. How are you all doing? I hope everyone is just great.

Well I'm not sure if you've all heard or not, but I have gotten a few emails asking about the Mayon so I'll share what I know. Haha well, the Mayon is a volcano in our mission. It is actually one of the Seven Wonders of the World since it is so huge and they say the cone thing on it is perfect. Everyone here in the Philippines seem to freak out about it and how beautiful it is. Hahaha so I've grown to love it as well. 

Well, this week we got a text that (since it is active) the Mayon was going to erupt soon. Haha and they said there was a possible earthquake too. So, like the good missionaries we are, we immediately prepared everything we needed. We went out and worked that night and were talking with the members and they didn't seem to mind that the volcano would erupt. Haha we thought they were crazy. I remember going to sleep that night in nice comfy clothes, expecting the earthquake to come in our sleep and we would have to run outside to the nearest large area. Maybe we all were just unfamiliar with how volcanoes work because we woke up and I just looked at Sister Lesa and we both said "we're still alive!!!" Hahaha. We really thought the volcano would erupt right away....but it still hasn't even erupted yet. It is only spewing little bits of lava every once in a while right now but it is on level 3 or something they say. And they say it could stay like this for like up to 90 days. Hahaha so we will just wait and wait I guess...

Well other than that...this week was a little slow because Sister Lesa was sick again. We were able to work a few days and it was good. I've had a lot of time though for personal study and language and then personal study again...haha. But it's been good and I've definitely used the endless hours I have at our apartment to my advantage, even though I would rather be working...

Here are some things from my personal study that I loved:
>>Doctrine, once understood, changes lives. Do we let it change our lives??
>>"The gospel isn't just a weekly event every Sunday attending church and partaking of the Sacrament, but it should be a part of our everyday lives." - our district leader
>>Romans 1:16. I'm obsessed with this verse. We must internalize the gospel in our lives and NOT BE ASHAMED!
>>"Perfect love casteth out all fear" Moroni 8:16
>>"Prayer is spiritual work preceded by mental and spiritual preparation."
>>"The Lord is easy to please and hard to satisfy" - Elder Ardern
>>1 Nephi 17:50...let us all have faith as Nephi did!

I love you all and I am grateful for all that you do for me. Stay strong and know that I love you all!!!!!

Sister Reategui


district picture with the newbies!

 always prepared with masks

sorry po no carabao picture this week..

us with one of our less actives, sister Gema!

our investigators gave us some bubble gum so we had a bubble blowing competition at their house!

You know you're in the Philippines when the volcano could erupt any second, which could trigger an earthquake, which could lead to a tsunami since there is also a typhoon signal 1 hitting. Hahaha pray for me people....

in this picture I'm pointing to the Mayon but you can't see it because of the clouds...hahaha

this veggie picture is a shout out to my mom...LOOK i wasn't lying i really do eat vegetables!!!!

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