Monday, July 14, 2014


We were able to talk with Sister Reategui this morning! She received permission from her mission president to call and tell us that she is safe. Typhoon Glenda had wreaked havoc on her area all night long, but her and her companion and roommates are all safe. According to Sister Reategui, mostly everyone was prepared and ready for the storm, and there were not any serious injuries or fatalities that she was aware of. When she spoke with us it was 10:30 p.m. and the missionaries in the area  spent the day cleaning and re-building the area. She was exhausted, but happy and grateful. She let us know that she would most likely be without electricity and running water for at least a month. Which means that she may not be able to e-mail very often if at all. It was fun hearing her speak Tagalog to her companion and those around her while she was on the phone with me. She sounds completely fluid, and almost more comfortable speaking Tagalog than English. It was great to hear from her, we had been worried about her safety.

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