Sunday, May 11, 2014

WEEK 37: Wait...they don't have a Chipotle here?

HELLO PO SA INYONG LAHAT!!! Kumusta kayo? I hope you are all doing well!!!

This week there isn't too much to report on because we were in Legazpi until Thursday so this might be a little bit shorter.

But, like I said, I went to Legazpi this week! I went there on Tuesday, Sister Simonson was transferred and I was assigned a temporary companion for a few days, then my new companion got here fresh from the MTC! Her name is Sister Leonardo, and we are already best friends. She is 21 and from Cebu, so we are both learning Tagalog together since they speak a different language in Cebu. The first thing she said to me when they announced that we were companions was "I read your blog and from the first time I knew you would be my companion!" Hahaah so basically yeah, we are really close and we have a lot of fun. She is also the first Filipina that I have ever met that plays soccer and likes to jog so basically we are meant to be together. Oh and also, the first thing she asked me when we got here to Tabaco was "Wait there's not a Chipotle here?" Hahaha because Cebu has pretty much everything American there and she was pretty shocked that it's way different here. Well anyways, she loves to work hard and teach lots so we are going to rock this 3 months we have together!

Well, despite all the craziness this week, we had a baptism!!!! We had the baptism of Watzelei, the brother of Joey. He is 10 and probably one of the cutest little Filipino boys I've ever seen. Hahaha his baptism was fun, a lot of the primary was involved and he was so happy the whole day. Pero I also have exciting news, his brother who was baptized just a few weeks ago is actually going to the temple this week to do baptisms for the dead for their mother and father since they passed away years ago. So it has been a good few weeks for their family :)

What else do I have to say.....we weren't able to work very much this week because of the traveling and everything but we did have 8 investigators at church again this week!!!! They are super great and we have a lot of really progressing people that we teach. Also, this week we have another baptism planned so the work is really progressing here!!!

This week has been a crazy one, but you all should know that I have a strong testimony of this work. This is the Lord's work and I know that He is such a big part of it. I can feel His help every single day that I am out here. I know that He qualifies the called. In D&C 4, it says "if ye have desires to serve God, ye are called to the work." I know without a doubt He is here helping me. As we show our desire to follow His commandments, He blesses us time and time again. And He makes the seemingly impossible, possible. He has called me to His work based on my simple desire, and it is only through Him that I am able to serve this mission. Trust in Him, He will NEVER let you down.

I love you all and I thank you all for the love and support you show to me!!!

And shout out to all those mothers out there, ESPECIALLY MY BEAUTIFUL MOTHER, I love you with all my heart and I wouldn't be here where I am (all the way out in the Philippines...) if it wasn't for you. Words can't begin to describe how thankful I am for you and all that you do for me every day, even when I'm all the way out here. Just wait, next Mother's Day I will be there celebrating with you!!!!!! MAHAL KO KAYO!!!!

Sister Reategui

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