Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hello po sa inyong lahat!!!!! I am excited to be able to write you all again. Well, again I don’t have much time but it was a REALLY good week so I will share some of the highlights :) This week was Holy Week here in the Philippines, which means just really crazy and all the people are out walking on the streets and they crucify people and stuff, so we had curfews on some days but I will fill you in on what happened when we got to work.

Tuesday – I’m a survivor. So this week we had another typhoon here, but only signal one so just a little rain and stuff so not so bad. And by a little rain I mean it rained consistently all day every day for the whole week. But what’s new? Hahaha it was a good day, at the end of the day we taught the Arabia family and I am proud to announce that Marvin’s brother now has a baptismal goal date for May 17 :)They are super awesome and I love their whole family so so so much. 

Wednesday – Inspired on the daily. Okay these people that I am so blessed to teach every day really inspire me so much. We teach one lady that really has such a difficult life, she is a single mother and works all day just to provide for her kids for that day. But she has shown me the real importance of trusting in God. She isn’t even a member yet but just wants to serve the Lord so badly that it brought her to tears. I was able to testify to her that her way of serving the Lord is to serve her children, and I shared Mosiah 2:17 with her which is one of my favorite scriptures, and I think it really touched her. At least it touched me, she just looked at us with tears in her eyes and said “you two aren’t allowed to get transferred ever, you have become a part of our lives.” Okay yes I was crying before but crying even harder then. Hahaha she is so sweet and I really have come to love these amazing people of the Philippines. 

Thursday – Another day, another rainstorm. Yes this is the Philippines motto hahaha. This was a good day, we taught Marvin about Priesthood and the Branch President came with us, in preparation for his baptism!!

Friday – More Holiness Give Me. Today was Good Friday AKA REALLY GREAT FRIDAY because it was the day of Marvin’s baptism!!!! Ah it was such a happy day. We sang “More Holiness Give Me” and not because it was holy week, hahaha we didn’t really realize that until we had picked the song, but because the song is like PERFECT for him. Every single line. His baptism went really well and his testimony was inspiring as always. I could write 5 more pages about it but I am short on time so just know it was really great :)

Saturday – “Love the Lord as He loves us.” Okay this is another thing Marvin said haha. We taught him and it was awesome, he’s a member missionary already,he brought his friend and wanted us to teach him too!!!!! Hahaha he’s the best. Well we taught lots of people this day and it was a good day.

Sunday – Missionary work = true happiness. Anyone who’s a missionary or has been a missionary knows just how amazing Sundays are as a missionary. It’s like you just sit down and see the fruits of your hard work all week, it’s so great!!!! In Sacrament meeting Marvin was confirmed so that was great, and he got the Priesthood later on too!!! YAY. And we had 8!!!! investigators attend sacrament meeting which was AWESOME, it’s double the standard of excellence!!! How lucky I am to be in an area that is progressing so much. AND we had over 20 less actives attend!!! YAY for progressing and super awesome people we teach!!! They are the best, seriously. People in our zone and district keep asking how our area is progressing so much because it used to be a really challenging area, but now it’s one of the most progressing in the zone, and I just tell them the people are amazing because it’s really not us!!! God is good and knows His children. So..funny side note, the boy that I told you all about that’s like a mini Michael Jackson, in the middle of sacrament meeting when he saw where I was sitting, came over to my row, pointed at me and did the Michael Jackson dramatic spin…..hahahaha the whole Branch was watching and it was so funny. Later that day we taught them and he gave me a note that says “sister Reategui do you know that I love you and I will be sad when you leave? mahal na mahal na mahal kita sister reategui.” Hahaha yes. This is what I live for.

Well everyone my time is up again but just know that I really really REALLY love being a missionary and I am seeing lives change every day. Life is good here in the Philippines and I hope life is good wherever you all are too.

Sister Reategui

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