Sunday, March 23, 2014


Hello hello to everyone!!! Sorry I don't have much time right now but I will do my best....there is a storm here right now so the internet connection is medyo really horrible haha so bear with me. It was a pretty average week and I was sick most of the week but I will do my best...

Tuesday - Trusting in the Lord. It seems like this is a common title in my journals as I have really learned the importance of trusting in the Lord as a missionary.  This day we were able to teach 9 lessons! On a random Tuesday. I have really learned that as I show the Lord and do all that I can, He provides for the rest. I don't really know what all the sudden hit me, but we have been having really good numbers lately because we have found the importance of TRUST. I realized that as I do all that I can, the Lord provides for the rest. But one thing that I realized is that I have 100% obligation to make this the best 18 months of my life. So that's exactly what I'll do :) As I am learning how to really put all my trust in the Lord and align His will with mine, I am seeing the blessings and the happiness it brings to me.

Wednesday - My SAKIT. This day was the start of my nasty sickness. But, we were still able to work. We taught lots of lessons and it was a good day, but just average.

Thursday - The power of the Priesthood. Today I woke up even sicker. I had a really bad fever and my whole body felt like it was going to break at any second. But I went to our District Meeting and afterwards I got a blessing from Elder Nielsen. Let me just say I am SO grateful for the Priesthood. It is so real. After I got the blessing we all went to eat and then we were thinking we needed to go home since I couldn't work with a really bad fever. Pero as we were done with lunch I realized I had no fever anymore!!! So we were able to work for the rest of the day. Nothing else too exciting, we were able to teach all of our lessons.

Friday - Teaching the village. Haha this day we taught like a HUGE village of people. It was super awesome and they were really interested in our message. Kind of crazy because there were SO many people and as we talk more, the people just keep crowding. They are always so amazed with our Tagalog so it's a good way to find those that the Lord has prepared for us. Hahaha words can't even explain how awesome it was, I wish someone could have gotten a picture. Probably like at least 20+ people crowded around us.

Saturday - EXCHANGES! I had exchanges with one of the Sister Training Leaders in our area, Sister Fabia. It was super fun and I always love going on exchanges because I learn so much from the other sisters. She is a super good teacher and I really learned a lot from her. Exchanges were a little difficult because I lost my voice and could barely talk, haha but it was fun. I learned a lot.

Sunday - "I have not found so great faith" Matthew 7:10. This title is inspired by our amazing investigators, the Arabia family.  Never have I ever in my whole life seen faith so great as theirs. Especially one of the boys, Marvin. He's 22 I believe and SO PREPARED BY THE LORD. He has such a strong desire to do God's will. Let me just explain. So he just recently got a really good job at a clothing store. So now he works on Sundays at has to be there at 10. Well our church usually starts at 9:15 or so. So he would be late to work if he went to church. And, on top of that, he doesn't have money to get to church. Because his work is right by his house so he usually just walks. Anyway, on Sunday, guess who was there?? HE WAS!!! Sitting by himself. The rest of his family didn't have money to get to church but he had a few extra pesos for his lunch at work and told us "I had a feeling the right thing is to go to church even if I'm a little late to work." So after Sacrament meeting he went to work. Then we went to teach their family that night. We start the lesson and he's so excited to tell us about what happened at work. He started testifying that Heavenly Father provided for him because he put Him first and went to church. He told us that at work in a day his sales are usually about 3,000 pesos. Yesterday he had his best day with sales almost tripled at 8,000! That is the power of his faith. Even though it was hard for him to be late, he really put his faith in the Lord and sought the Lord's will, not his. He is such a good example to me!!! The rest of the day was good, we had a lot of our new investigators at church which was awesome!!! And we had our English class again. All in all, a REALLY good day :)

Well sorry I'm out of time right now because we have a lunch appointment, but I will be on later to finish up. SO all of you should email me and tell me how you're doing and we can chat in about an hour or so when I'm on again :) 

Here are some pictures, we eat with our hands here because it's mas masarap :) tapos a picture with our district, and a picture with a tatay in our branch that we teach that finally came to church!!!!

Missionary work is awesome, you all are awesome and thanks for everything. 

Mahal kita,
Sister Reategui

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